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The TK Group specializes in the manufacturing of sheet metal and steel products since 1999. With a proven track record for the past 21 years we pride ourselves on the fact of becoming specialists in our field, delivering a quality product in the best possible turnaround time at very competitive prices.

Our primary line of manufacturing is Steel Office Furniture and we are proud to service and deliver to customers throughout South Africa. If you are not a customer yet, make contact with us, we would love to partner with you.

Our product carries a 5 year guarantee against any manufacturing defect. The guarantee exclude normal "wear & tear" or intentional damage caused. If any technical information regarding our product is required feel free to contact us.

We are also more than willing to discuss with you any specialized product orders and will gladly assist, permitting our equipment can produce such product.

For 21 years, thousands of our units have been delivered countrywide and we are confident you will not be disappointed with our product and service rendered.

Please make use of our order form where you can specify the item and quantities required for quotation purposes. Once received, we will process your quotation and send it to you via the e-mail provided.

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  Telescopic runner :  
WE at TK... pride ourselves in using telescopic ball bearing runners on our drawer cabinets for a smoother and more effective opening and closing action.
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This does not only improve the quality of our drawer but also increases the weight capacity to 35kg’s per drawer.

  Product sheet :  
Feel free to download our product sheet with and without logo.